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The detective company "AGAWI" provides non-stop detective services for customers throughout the country.

Investigators working for our company - both men and women – are, in the full sense of this word, not only specialists with appropriate aptitude to perform this specific profession, but above all have a huge experience gained while working in the formations involved in ensuring security of the country.

Our goal is to obtain reliable and verified information and to provide the customer with it. We guarantee a professional approach to every problem, always ensuring full discretion, confidentiality and the right to privacy. We comply with the ethical aspects during the execution of our tasks - every customer is covered by a secrecy clause, even after completing the case. In addition, we work with lawyers, legal advisers, as well as experts and experts on various fields. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality of services, while maintaining competitive prices.


Does not arouse suspicion and inspires confidence. Has great intuition and the patience of a saint. Is stubborn and consistent, carries out her target step by step.

Tremble, unfaithful husbands!

The female detective will help you to check if your partner cheats on you. There are such situations when the client prefers to talk to the female detective. In such cases, the gender is undoubtedly an asset.


The male detective is ingenious and unconventional, works quickly and perfectly, moves in any environment imperceptibly, is perfect in his profession.

Ladies, if you think that you are being betrayed by your men, you had better talk about this with a detective…

Testing the credibility of the people and checking their past

Examining the reliability of people is most commonly associated with the selection of appropriate personnel for companies that want to check the credibility of future employees. In the course of their activities we - amongst other things – do environmental interviews, verify previous workplaces and qualifications gained, checking references, etc.

Divorce and family matters

Gathering evidence for divorce and family cases, we use - in the vast majority of cases - the observation of people in order to assess the information held by the client or to prove possible infidelity of partners.

Basing on the experience and knowledge and on proper technical background, we are able to verify the suspicions with the facts. Each client is kept informed about progress in the case. The materials obtained in the course of operations may be used by her or him as evidence in legal proceedings.

Seeking people and property

We are involved in the search for missing people, fugitives, whose place of residence is unknown. We also determine the whereabouts, places of employment. We search for the lost material goods too. We use the information obtained from a variety of sources, verifying it through consultation with the client.

Economic intelligence

Under the interview conducted, we are looking for any information regarding the company, in particular its assets, financial condition, its owners or chief executive officers, and then we analyze the information obtained. Conducting such an interview greatly helps the client to make appropriate decisions, as well as allows them to predict the possible consequences.

As well as

Detection of wiretaps

Nowadays when overhearing is really common, the detection of possible installation is a priority. The information obtained this way and the disclosure of a private conversation can result in serious consequences.


Persistent harassment - silent phone calls, unwanted text messages, stalking, blackmail, persecution threatening security are the reason of destabilization of life and work, arousing a sense of danger, significantly violate privacy. In this case, you need to secure and collect the evidence necessary to prove this crime.

We cooperate with the Centre for Forensic Expertise

Price list

The valuation of services in each case occurs in the course of direct conversation with the customer, and its amount depends on the nature and the scope of the whole service which customer orders.

The detective service ends with a written report documenting the description of the facts, accompanied by evidence obtained /photos, audio-videos, and others/. The report may be used and shared only by the person who ordered the execution of the service. This report has the force of law and can be used as evidence in judicial proceedings.

We are a trustworthy company - we have the IBK certificate


The detective company “Agawi”

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